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Almost as much as I love to read, I love seeing people read. Somehow, the visual image of a person reading, relaxes me, because honestly, who has time for it? We're busy! We have jobs, second jobs, families to take care of, communities to be involved in but somehow, we find time to read. We pick up books on the train to work. We carry a book with us to read during our fifteen minute work breaks, or our thirty minute lunch breaks. We lure our children into a nighttime routine centered around books. We fall asleep with a book in our hands. 

Last week, while I sat with my energetic family in a tiny Chinese cafe in Manhattan, I couldn't help but notice a man dining by himself, immersed in a book. I couldn't catch the title but somehow on our way out of the restaurant my eight-year-old son asked, "Mom, have you ever read "A Moving Feast?"  

"Do you mean "A Moveable Feast" by Ernest Hemingway?"

"I don't know who wrote it but that man in the restaurant was reading it."

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Seeing someone read is like peering in the through the bars at an amusement park.  Everyone running past with cotton candy and standing in line for the roller coaster.  It just makes you want to go IN.  

I remember our family of five staying in a tiny one room motel when I was a little girl and my brother looking for a space to read. Eventually we found him curled up with a blanket and his book in the bathtub. I remember going to my daughter's swim meet and looking for her in a sea of swimmers only to spot her wrapped up in her towel, a book in her hand, beneath the lifeguard stand. I remember during my senior year in high school reading to a friend under a tree every day after school and I remember equally loving standing on the Metro train in Washington DC reading while my neighbors read over my shoulder.  

ALMOST as much as what you are reading, THE SPACE in which you read, can be a source of MAGIC and INSPIRATION.

We read as we walk down the street.

We read as we wait in the pick up line after school.

We read for the final twenty minutes of a long, exhausting day.  

We read in a hammock tied between two trees bursting with fall color (I saw two lovebirds snuggled like this in downtown Boston and even though it was cold outside, they looked perfectly warm).

Where do you find the space to read?



I am a children's librarian, a writer, and a former florist who through trial and error discovered I love more the flower in the field, than the one in the vase. My name is CC Fuller.

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